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Job completed for Courtney A.

Completion date: October 8, 2009

Location: Victor, NY

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Basement Renovations

Solutions provided:

Construct walls. Remove and replace outer wall insulation. Install 19 recessed lights, 14 wall outlets, 1 phone jack, 1 cable jack, 4 wall switches, 1 smoke detector and 1 fluorescent closet light. Install mold resistant drywall and finish smooth. Install paint grade base molding. Install suspended ceiling. Install 3 heat runs in suspended ceiling. Install 2 swinging doors and 1 double swinging door. Provide access door for electrical panel and water meter. Construct open stairway with oak cap. Install trim around 3 basement windows and 2 basement support poles. Construct soffit around main heating duct and at stairway bottom. Install ceramic tile. Construct closet with shelving. Install bar sink. Flat pan all existing round ductwork to accommodate ceiling height.