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Cause of Basement Leak in in Buffalo & Rochester, New York

Cause of Basement Leak in Buffalo & Rochester, NY

Basement Leak

A damp basement can create numerous problems. And often you might find yourself dealing with a leaky basement. At Crawford, we provide all the services that can help you with your damp basement conditions. We install sump pumps and dehumidifiers, repair your wet crawl space with our advanced drainage system, and have an amazing team for waterproofing your basement. So call us at 585-209-5577 or fill out our contact form for a free estimate of our services in Rochester, Buffalo, and Syracuse.

Crawford’s Basement Restoration Services in Rochester, Buffalo & Upstate NY

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Possible Causes of Basement Leakage

  • Cracks in foundation- Cracks in your foundations can bring water into the basement.
  • Interior leakage- Any faulty appliance in your home can cause leakage and create a damp basement. For E.g. a leaky sink or water heater can be reasons for moisture in the basement.
  • A damaged gutter- Gutters are supposed to protect your foundation by keeping the rainwater away, a damaged gutter easily causes a water leak which in turn cracks your foundation.
  • A faulty drain tile- Most modern homes have a drainage system installed to keep their basement dry, however, if the drainage system is faulty it can cause dampness.

Our Basement Restoration Procedure by Crawford Basements

Crawford provides different services to resolve a leaky basement. We can guarantee to waterproof your basement with the best quality products in Rochester as we are an authorized contractor of  Grate Products a leading high-tech company is known to produce the best products for basements.

The best way to fix a damp basement is by installing a full-perimeter drainage system in your basement. At Crawford, we have customized drainage systems to best suit your basement. Our project managers will either provide you with GrateDrain™ (for general basement water problems) or GrateTrench™ (for bulkhead water problems).

Crawford also uses the finest quality of sump pumps for fixing your basement. We recommend our customers GrateSump™ Pump Liner with our FastSump™ Sump Pump for the best results as GrateSump™ Pump has larger holes allowing groundwater to be pumped out easily.

Along with these, we also install dehumidifiers as they circulate fresh air and keeps your basement dry and fresh.

Rely on Crawford to Dry Your Basements in Buffalo & Rochester, NY

Crawford Basements has got you covered as we are trained to provide you with solutions for all your leaking basement issues. Call us now at 585-209-5577 to get your damp, odorous basement restored.

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