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Cause of Basement Leaks in Buffalo & Rochester

Cause of Basement Leaks in Buffalo & Rochester

A hairline crack in the foundation wall or a faulty gutter can sweep in groundwater into your basement. When a basement is moist, it will give birth to mild and bacteria ruining the air quality of your home. Along with mold growth, wet basements ruins the contents stored in the basement.

Basement Leaks

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Possible Causes of Basement Leaks

Water can seep into your basement in many ways. Some of the possible causes of leaks can be:

  • Missing or damaged gutter/downspouts - Gutters and downspouts are supposed to protect your foundation by keeping the rainwater away, a damaged gutter will cause water to enter the basement premises.
  • Interior leakage - Any faulty appliance can cause leakage and create a damp basement. For E.g. a faulty sink or water heater can be reasons for moisture in the basement.
  • Condensation - When the weather is humid warm air comes in contact with the cool basement walls creating condensation.
  • A faulty drainage system - Most modern homes have a drainage system installed to keep their basement dry. When this drainage system does not work properly because of a clogged pipe, broken connection, or a broken sump pump, basements flood.
  • Cracked walls - Even if there is a slight crack in the walls of the basement, water will find its way inside your property.

Trust Crawford with Your Basement Problems

The best way to fix a damp basement is by installing a full-perimeter drainage system. At Crawford, we have customized drainage systems to best suit your need. Our project managers will either provide you with GrateDrain™ (for general basement water problems) or GrateTrench™ (for bulkhead water problems).

Grate Products is a leading high-tech company known to produce the best products for basements and we are their authorized contractor in New York.
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