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Clogged Drain Pipe

Clogged Drain Repair in Rochester & Buffalo

A clogged up drain is one of the most common issues that households often face. It can slow down the daily activities and can be pretty annoying as it leaves behind a residue. 

Signs of Clogged Pipes

The best way to deal with a stuffed pipe is to get it repaired professionally. While many might suggest using a cup plunger, but more often than not a DIY experiment can go wrong and cost you a hefty amount.
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Signs of Clogged Pipes

  • Water draining slower - When a clog starts to form inside a pipe, the water will take longer to drain than usual. If you notice slow water drainage from your sink or tub, then there is mineral or debris stuck inside the pipe.
  • Gurgling sound - If a drain is clogged, it will make a gurgling sound even if the water is not passing through it.
  • Pools of water - If after every shower you notice a pool of water forming around shower drains, the pipes are either clogged or there is a major leak somewhere.
  • Rotting smell - A foul, rotting smell from your kitchen sink is an indicator of a clogged up pipe.
  • Mild growth - A clogged drain will cause inevitable leaks. When water leaks near a sink, toilet, or other appliance that uses water, it causes mold growth. So a visible mild and mold is a clear indicator of clogged pipes.

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