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Footing Drain Alternatives in Buffalo and Rochester, NY

Footing drains more commonly known as French drains are installed to carry water away from the foundation of your home. Most properties have built-in footings drains that are installed during the construction of a property. If it is skipped in the beginning, it might be difficult to install one later. As parts of porch, landscaping, or decks need to be carved out to place this drainage system which in turn can cause potential damage to the structure of a home.

Fortunately, in New York, Crawford Basements have been providing alternative drainage systems that are way easier to install, do not affect your property negatively, and provides the same service, if not better. Our entryway and interior drainage systems are installed at the most common point of basement entry - the floor and the wall joint. This effectively carries off the water away from your foundation keeping your basement area dry and mold-free.

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Effective Drainage Solution for New York Properties

Unlike footings drains, an entryway drainage system will not clog frequently with soils or plants as it will be installed inside the basement. Moreover, we will ensure that installation is done precisely and does not affect the set-up of your basement area. 

Once that is done, we will install a sump pump as well if your home does not have one already. We recommend using our GrateSump™ Sump Pump Liner with our FastSump™ Sump Pump as it comes with larger holes making the water removal process faster and more efficient. Grate Products is one of the top-rated companies in New York and is famous for its state-of-the-art waterproofing products.
We will then run the entire system ensuring everything is functioning accordingly.

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