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Crawl Space Foundation Repair

Crawl Space Foundation Repair in Buffalo & Rochester, NY

If your home has been built years ago, chances are you have a crawl space instead of a basement below your home. Crawl spaces are relatively smaller and should be taken care of for a healthy atmosphere. If your crawl space has drywall, cracked foundation walls, or open vents, you should consider repairing the space.

At Crawford Basements, our restoration experts have been providing top-rated crawl space repair services in Altmar, Buffalo, Rochester, and surrounding areas in New York.

Professional Foundation Repair for NY Properties

Crawl Space Foundation Repair

A damp crawl space will give birth to mold and bacteria which will not only be harmful to health but can also rot away wooden contents. So, if you have stored furniture or painting in the space, molds will ruin those if the space is not insulated properly.

When you decide to work with us, our team will first inspect for cracks and openings in the foundation walls. Groundwater usually seeps into your crawl space if the foundation is in poor condition. Sinking or sagging crawl space is bad news as bowing walls can crack anytime. And fixing major cracks in the foundation is an extensive procedure, hence, it is wise to get the foundation of your space restored before it is too late.
Once the crawl space foundation has been repaired, we seal off vents and access doors if these have not been covered already. In the last step, we lay down a thin layer of foam insulation on the floor and rigid foam insulation on the walls to ensure the space is completely safe from moisture or groundwater.

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