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Crawl Space Making Ready for Winter

Is Your Crawl Space Ready for Winter?

Is your home equipped with a crawl space? If it is, you should consider preparing your crawl space for the harsh winter ahead. When it comes to maintenance of the space, moisture is its biggest enemy. During winters, keeping cold air and snow away can be challenging if your crawl space is not properly insulated and covered.

Happen to reside in Altmar, Buffalo, Rochester, or surrounding areas in New York? Reach out to crawl space restoration specialists at EcoSpect. We provide all forms of services needed to transform a moist, moldy space into a warm, dry one. With our crawl space waterproofing, vapor barrier, and insulation, you can rest assured that your space will be well-prepared to fight the harshest weather conditions.

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Why Should You Consider Restoration Before Winter?

Preparing Crawl Space for Winter
  • Prevent flooding from frozen pipes: If your water pipes are placed in the crawl space a well-insulated space will keep cold-air away, hence, chances of water freezing inside the pipes during winter will be less, which means no burst pipes or flooding.
  • Reduce heating bills: When the foundation issues of a crawl space are fixed with waterproofing and insulation done in the right way, the space will be warm which will make sure the floors above are warm as well. If you have a warm interior, usage of the heater will reduce.
  • Clean air: The “stack effect” demonstrates how air is pulled upwards through the basement, crawl space, and lower levels of a home. A damp crawl space will be a breeding ground for mold and pesticides which will deteriorate the air-quality as molds can trigger allergens. A restored crawl space means the air you breathe is clean and neutral.

Ready to get your crawl space repaired and insulated for winter? All you have to is call us and we will be on our way!