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Crawl Space Vent Covers for Winter Services in Rochester New York by Crawford Basements

Crawl Space Vent Covers for Winter in Buffalo & Rochester, NY

Is your crawl space equipped with one or multiple vents? If it is, you should consider covering the vents before winter to keep the space moisture-free. Usually, old properties come with vented crawl spaces, now, homeowners have realized that vent can be quite harmful as it can invite groundwater, moisture, pests, and other harmful pathogens inside homes.

Along with covering up your vents, you will need to insulate them as well for 100% efficiency. Call a nearby restoration company for this task as they will be able to do it perfectly. Happen to reside in Altmar, Lyons, Marion, Rochester, and other cities in upstate New York? Crawford Basements can help. Call us at 585-209-5577 and we will help prepare your crawl space for winter.

Problems Caused by Uncovered Vents during Winters

Problems Caused by Uncovered Vents during Winters
  • Moisture and flooding - Open vents bring air and moisture inside which is detrimental for crawl spaces year-round. However, during winters, the problems multiple. If there are water pipes placed near the crawl space, during extreme cold, the water inside the pipe might freeze and burst, which can flood your entire crawl space.
  • Rodents and pests- Rodents, pests, and other insects will find a shelter in your crawl space entering through the open vents. This will leave you with a moist and infested space.
  • Lowers curb appeal- An uninsulated crawl space with open vents will always be damp, moldy, and might give off foul odors, this can be unappealing and decrease the overall value of your property.

Cover and insulate your crawl space vents to avoid all these problems. However, only covering the vents will not solve moisture issues if there are other foundation problems in your crawl space. Call Crawford Basements, we will help winterize your crawl space. Our foundation repair, waterproofing, and crawl space insulation will keep your space dry and clean year-round.