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Crawl Space Vent Insulation for Winter Services in Rochester New York by Crawford Basements

Crawl Space Vent Insulation for Winter in Buffalo & Rochester, NY

Crawl space ventilation should be taken care of before winter arrives. Originally, vents were placed in crawl spaces to help improve air circulation, but over the years, homeowners have realized, an open vent can be harmful as it gives a path to pesticides, cold air, and water to seep inside.

At Crawford Basement, we seal and insulate vents in crawl spaces to keep moisture and harmful insects away. We travel to Altmar, Lyons, Marion, Rochester, and other cities in upstate New York. Call us at 585-209-5577 to winterize your crawl space or basement.

Perfect Vent Insulation for New York Properties

Perfect Vent Insulation

Our team is trained, certified, and experienced to restore damp, moldy crawl spaces. We have transformed numerous crawl spaces in NY, read our reviews by clicking here. A healthy home starts with a dry and clean crawl space, as more than 40% of the air we breathe comes from the space below our home because of the “stack effect”.

After you hire us, we will first seal the open vents, and then using a spray foam we will insulate these for maximum efficiency. However, vents are not the only culprits. A crawl space with foundation cracks, worn-out insulation, or a broken sump pump will bring cold air and water inside during winters even if the vents are taken care of. So, a comprehensive solution is required to combat moisture issues.

Winterize Your Crawl Space with Crawford

Our project managers have outlined a perfect solution to convert damp, nasty crawl spaces. Once we transform your crawl space, you can use it as a storage area and place HVAC units, ducts, and other appliances without a worry. Contact us online for a free estimate!