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Wood Rot and Structural Damage

Wood Rot and Structural Damage Repair Service in Buffalo & Rochester, NY

If your basement or crawl space is not waterproofed, you will often suffer from moisture issues. Wooden contents that are placed in the basement might rot because of the excess moisture. If you notice rotten woods or structural damages in your basement, call a professional restoration company for a thorough inspection.
In Altmar, Buffalo, Webster, and surrounding areas in New York, Crawford Basements provides inspection and restoration service for all forms of moisture issues your property might be suffering from.

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Structural Damage Solution for New York Properties

Wood Rot and Structural Damage Repairing

If there are leaks in the floors and walls in your basement, groundwater will find its way into your home. The unwanted moisture will not only rot away wooden contents but cause other structural damages as well. The dampness will create a breeding ground for mold and bacteria which will deteriorate the overall condition of your property. Molds can trigger allergies and hence is a health hazard.

Moreover, the constant moisture might bow the walls or sink the floor. Protecting your property from moisture-issues in the early stage is a wise step. Simply discarding rotten or damaged contents is not a permanent solution, you will have to address and diminish moisture issues permanently.
At Crawford, our team is trained and experienced to inspect the overall condition of your basement and crawl space. After the initial assessment, we will list down the things that need immediate attention.

Our team installs sump pumps, waterproof crawl spaces, and repair foundation cracks throughout New York.
All you have to do is call us and we will help save your property!