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Basement Waterproofing

Basement Remodeling

Basement waterproofing
the right way the 1st time...

Homeowners and contractors sometime make a conscious effort to stop the water only to find that their first attempt was unsuccessful. This usually leads to frustration and a reinvestment of time and money.
Waterproof the right way

Crawford Basements will correct your basement water and moisture problem.  We utilize industry leading Grate Products™ waterproofing system. All Project Managers and installers are trained and certified.
What makes our waterproofing different?

Basement Finishing
If you are planning on remodeling your basement, we encourage you to call us first. We will help you understand why it so important to properly prepare your basement before you finish.
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Crawl Spaces
A Damp environment is very unhealthy and destructive. Mold thrives and reproduces by producing airborne spores by the millions, and some molds are toxic. Rot and decay occur in damp environments causing structural damage. We offer a solution by encapsulating the crawl space.

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basement waterproofing rochester, ny
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We can solve the most difficult basement water and moisture problems.

Crawford Basements in Rochester New York can answer your most difficult basement waterproofing, moisture control, and basement finishing needs. We help our customers improve the quality of their homes. When you choose Crawford Basements, you're choosing our commitment to quality and customer service. Our reward comes from the recognition we receive from our customers. We take pride in creating a safe environment and a comfortable living space. Call us today for your solution on correcting the environment in your basement. Call to get a Free estimate.

Basement Waterproofing: Moisture and Water Control

There are many reasons why homeowners in New York (NY) and all over America correct the environment in their basements. Some are looking for a higher return on their investment when they sell, while others want to protect their family from poor air quality or constant basement flooding. Whatever the reason, basement moisture and water control is a process you only want to go through once. (Do it right the 1st time)

Health is our biggest concern when addressing the basement.  40% of the air you breathe on the 1st floor comes from the basement.  Learn more about why a basement must be treated differently than any other part of the house.

Basement Finishing, Foundation Repair, Sump Pumps, Basement Drainage, and Basement Waterproofing in Upstate New York.

Serving Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse Metros and Suburbs of Upstate New York (NY)

Contact us for all your basement waterproofing, foundation repair, and basement finishing needs. Please call us for information pertaining to correctly preparing a space before finishing. Basement Waterproofing, moisture control, and a thorough foundation inspection are key elements in preparing your basement space for any use.

Our Project Managers will help guide you through the process of choosing the right options for you. We will provide you with an inspection, recommendations, and suggestions on how to properly prepare your basement so that you can fully enjoy your new living space or simply improve the environment in your home. We specialize in basement waterproofing and remodeling.

You already own the space. Utilize it!!


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